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2021/9/22Nikkei Business DailyA device that enhances the efficiency of "thermal light power generation" Aiming to break through the limits of solar cells (「熱光発電」効率高める装置 太陽電池の限界突破めざす)
2021/8/28The Kyoto ShimbunDevelopment of device for improveing thermophotovlotaic power generation efficiency at Kyoto University "5 to 10 times more current is generated"(熱光発電効率化へ装置開発 京大など「5~10倍の電流生成」)
2021/8/18EE Times JapanDevelopment of thermophotovoltaic device with integrated thermal emitter & solar cell (熱輻射光源/太陽電池一体型熱光発電デバイス開発)
2021/8/17TECH+ マイナビニュースKyoto University develops thermophotovoltaic device that generates photocurrent exceeding blackbody limit from thermal radiation (京大、熱輻射から黒体限界を超える光電流を生成可能な熱光発電デバイスを開発)
2021/8/16OPTRONICSKyoto University develops thermophotovoltaic device with integrated solar cell(京大、太陽電池一体型熱光発電デバイスを開発)
2021/8/15The Mainichi ShimbunThermophotovoltaics on fire - Kyoto University team breaks theoretical limit for high-power, compact thermophotovoltaic devices (「熱光発電」に熱視線 高出力で小型化可能 京大チーム理論限界突破)
2021/8/13Dempa Shimbun DailyDevelopment of best-in-class small LiDAR, jointly developed by Kyoto University and others (最小クラスLiDARシステム開発 京大など共同で)
2021/8/12The Nikkan Kogyo ShimbunKyoto University develops thermophotovoltaic device; Generated current density increased 10 times (京大、熱光発電デバイス開発 電流生成の密度10倍)
2021/8/11Television OsakaIncrease efficiency with thermophotovoltaic power generation, developed by Kyoto University (京大が開発 熱光発電で効率アップ)
2021/7/21IoT NEWSAstro Boy, how far can it be realized with the current technology ~Society 5.0 Science Expo ~ (鉄腕アトム、今の技術でどこまでできるか ~Society 5.0科学博~)
2021/7/16DRONE explore the futureSociety 5.0 Expo begins! Booths on display by JAXA, JAMSTEC, SkyDrive, and more (「Society 5.0科学博」スタート! JAXA、JAMSTEC、SkyDriveなどの展示が活況)
2021/7/16The Nikkan Kogyo ShimbunCompact LiDAR equipped with a photonic crystal laser. 1/3 size (フォトニック結晶レーザー搭載 小型ライダー 体積1/3)
2021/7/16EE Times JapanKyoto University and others develop greatly miniaturized LiDAR (京都大学ら、大幅に小型化したLiDARを開発)
2021/7/15Yahoo! NewsPhotonic-crystal laser reduces the size of LiDAR to 1/3, developed by Kyoto University and Hokuyo Automatic (フォトニック結晶レーザーでLiDARを3分の1に小型化、京大と北陽電機が開発)
2021/7/15OptronicsKyoto University miniaturizes LiDAR using photonic-crystal laser (京大,フォトニック結晶レーザーLiDARを小型化)
2021/7/15MONOistPhotonic crystal laser reduces LiDAR to one-third, developed by Kyoto University and Hokuyo Automatic. (フォトニック結晶レーザーでLiDARを3分の1に小型化、京大と北陽電機が開発
2021/7/14TECH+ Mynavi News Kyoto University reduces the size of LiDAR equipped with a photonic crystal laser developed in 2020 to 1/3. (京大など、2020年開発のフォトニック結晶レーザー搭載LiDARを1/3に小型化
2021/3/30The Nikkan Kogyo ShimbunPhotonic crystal laser. Kyoto University realizes short pulse and high output. (フォトニック結晶レーザー 京大、短時間・高出力実現)
2021/3/30The Kyoto ShimbunHigh power laser based on photonic crystals. Technology Development by Kyoto University Group (フォトニック結晶で高出力レーザー 京大グループ技術開発)
2021/3/29OPTRONICS ONLINEKyoto University develops short pulse high output photonic crystal laser. (京大,短パルス高出力のフォトニック結晶レーザーを開発)
2021/3/11physicsworldPhotonic crystal lasers deliver optimal performance for lidar sensing and laser processing
2021/2/15OPTRONICS ONLINEInterview, Photonic crystal lasers will revolutionize the industrial world! (フォトニック結晶レーザーが産業界に革新をもたらす!)
2020/11JST newsPhotonic crystal surface emitting lasers that lead a smart society(スマート社会をけん引するフォトニック結晶レーザー)
2020/11/18Science DailyOrder from chaos: Seemingly random photonic crystals greatly improve laser scanning
2020/11/18MirageOrder from chaos, Kyoto University's seemingly random photonic crystals greatly improve laser scanning
2020/11/16AZO OpticsNew Laser Technology May Lead to Compact, Accurate LiDAR Systems
2020/11/16AZO MaterialsRandom Array of Photonic Crystals Greatly Improve Laser Beam Scanning
2020/11/13SCIENMAGOrder From Chaos, Kyoto University’s seemingly random photonic crystals greatly improve laser scanning
2020/11/13Phys.orgResearchers describe a new beam scanning device utilizing 'photonic crystals
2020/11/13Eurek Alert!Order from chaos, Kyoto University's seemingly random photonic crystals greatly improve laser scanning
2020/10/10Monthly OPTRONICSInterview, Photonic crystal lasers will revolutionize the industrial world! (フォトニック結晶レーザーが産業界に革新をもたらす!)
2020/8/7The Yomiuri ShimbunAdvanced sensors for ranging. Kyoto University professors use "photonic crystals". (距離測定 高性能センサー 京大教授ら「フォトニック結晶」採用)
2020/8/6The Nikkan Kogyo ShimbunLasers, a straight line to the target! (レーザー 目標へ一直線!)
2020/7/20-21NHK NEWSDevelopment of light-emitting devices for autonomous driving applications. (自動運転へ応用も「光」装置開発)(1)(2)
2020/7/20Dempa Shimbun DailyKyoto University and Hokuyo Electric develop the world’s first photonic crystal-based LiDAR. (フォトニック結晶レーザー搭載LiDAR 京大と北陽電機が世界で初めて開発)
2020/7/20OptronicsKyoto University develops an electrically and two-dimensionally scannable laser.(京大,電気的に2次元走査できるレーザーを開発)
2020/7/20The Nikkan Kogyo ShimbunKyoto University develops a laser chip whose direction of light emission can be controlled at will. (京大、フォトニック結晶レーザーチップ開発 光の出力を方向自在に)
2020/7/20Nihon Keizai ShimbunKyoto University, QST and JST successfully develop an electrically and two-dimensionally scannable photonic crystal laser chip.(京大・量研・JST、電気的に2次元ビーム走査可能なフォトニック結晶レーザーチップの開発に成功)
2020/7/18The Kyoto ShimbunKyoto University group develops a new technology with photonic crystals. Promising applications in sensor technology for autonomous driving.(京都大グループ、フォトニック結晶で新技術開発 自動走行車に使うセンサー技術への応用期待)
2020/7/2The Chunichi ShimbunKyoto University group develops a sensor for the detection of objects. Aims for applications in autonomous driving.(京大グループが物体検知センサー開発 自動運転に応用目指す)
2020/7/2Kyodo News, The Tokyo Shimbun, The Chunichi Shimbun, The Hokkaido Shimbun, etc.Laser ranging with tiny, affordable “photonic crystals”.(レーザー測距、小さく安く 「フォトニック結晶」利用)
2020/7/1Nippon TV NEWS24/Yomiuri TV NEWSAdvanced laser for use in LiDAR.(高性能レーザー 距離測定可能に)
2020/7/1OptronicsKyoto University group develops photonic crystal laser for use in LiDAR.(京大ら,LiDAR用フォトニック結晶レーザー開発)
2020/7/1The Kyoto ShimbunAdvancement of photonic crystal lasers for application in autonomous robots and automobiles.(高性能実現 フォトニック結晶で光センサー 自動運転ロボ・車 応用へ)
2020/7/1The Sankei ShimbunKyoto University realizes high-precision detection of obstacles. Promising implementations in self-driving cars.(高精度な障害物検知 実現 京大 自動運転車に実装期待)
2020/7/1The Nikkan Kogyo ShimbunKyoto University and others develop a light-ranging system using “photonic crystals,” enabling high-precision detection of distant objects.(京大など、「フォトニック結晶」で光測距システム 遠くの物も高精度検出)
2020/6/30-7/1NHK NEWSDevelopment of advanced laser ranging technology.(高性能レーザー距離測定技術開発)(1)(2)
2020/6/30The Mainichi ShimubunKyoto University develops an advanced, affordable sensor indispensable for self-driving cars.(車の自動運転に不可欠なセンサー、高性能で安価に 京大が技術開発)
2020/6/30Nihon Keizai ShimbunKyoto University and others successfully develop photonic-crystal laser-based LiDAR.(京大など、フォトニック結晶レーザーを搭載したLiDARの開発に成功)
2020/4/14Nikkei Business DailyBrilliant, powerful laser light. Kyoto University on the road to compact LiDAR with photonic crystal lasers.(レーザー光 明るく強く 京大、フォトニック結晶で LiDAR小型化に道)
2019/8/30Nihon Keizai ShimbunInnovating lasers with crystals that manipulate light.(光操る結晶、レーザーに革新)
2019/1/10The Asahi ShimbunSemiconductor laser with thrice the optical brightness. Promising applications in self-driving car sensors and medicine.(光の強さ3倍 半導体レーザー 自動車のセンサーや医療へ応用期待)
2019/1/5The Sankei NewsOn-demand control of light. A powerful laser made with Japanese technology.(光を自在に操作 日本発の技術で強力レーザー)
2018/12/23The Yomiuri ShimbunAmplifying the power of “semiconductor lasers”. Promising applications in self-driving car sensors.(「半導体レーザー」高出力化 自動運転センサー応用期待)
2018/12/21The Science NewsDouble-lattice photonic crystal. Kyoto University devises a new semiconductor laser for the emission of brighter light.(二重格子フォトニック結晶 京大が考案 半導体レーザー高輝度化に成功)
2018/12/18The Nikkan Kogyo ShimbunBright, powerful photonic-crystal laser realized. Stable, single-mode operation. Applications in automonous driving.(高出力・高輝度化を実現 フォトニック結晶レーザー 単一モードで安定動作 自動運転などに応用)
2018/12/18The Kyoto ShimbunDevelopment of high-brightness lasers. Focusing more light into a single point.(高輝度レーザー開発 より多くの光を一点に)
2018/4/26Optronics Online【OPIE’18】NEDO. Powerful photonic crystal laser exhibited.(【OPIE’18】NEDO,高出力フォトニック結晶レーザーを展示)
2017/12The Nikkei ElectronicsInnovating display technology with micro-LEDs. The “monolithic” solve problem.(マイクロLEDがディスプレー革新 「モノリシック化」で課題解消)
2017/10/16The Nikkei Technology - onlineInnovating laser processing and autonomous driving with next-generation photonic crystals.(レーザー加工や自動運転を革新、次世代フォトニック結晶)
2017/6/22Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), Japan - homepageOn the state of the art of photonic crystals and their future prospects.(フォトニック結晶の現状と今後の展開可能性について)
2016/12/26The NikkeiEfficient thermal photovoltaics with silicon-based devices.(効率的に熱で発電 シリコン製の素子)
2016/12/24The Kyoto ShimbunControlled thermal emission ebable efficient absorption in photovoltaics. (太陽電池吸収 効率的 素材加熱の光)
2016/6/28Nature PhotonicsPhoton transfer on demand
2016/5/27OPTRONICS onlineKyoto University succeds in instantaneous on-chip light transfer.(京大 チップ上で光の瞬時転送に成功)
2016/5/20The Kyoto ShimbunTransfer of light confined at the nanoscale paves the way toward quantum computing.(閉じ込めたミクロ光転送 量子コンピューターに道)
2016/5/20The Nikkan Kogyo ShimbunThe road to photonic quantum information processors. Transferring trapped photons between nanoscale cavities in photonic crystals.(量子情報光チップに道 フォトニック結晶内の保存光 別の微小点に転送)
2016/5nanotechweb.orgTransferring trapped photons between nanocavities
2016/4Nature PhotonicsMid-infrared optics: Photonic crystal thermal emittersl
2016/2/29Applied Physics LettersFeatured Article(On-chip integration and high-speed switching of multi-wavelength narrowband thermal emitters)
2016/2/5The Science NewsThe 6th JSPS Ikushi Prize is awarded to 18 outstanding doctoral students.(第6回日本学術振興会育志賞 優秀な大学院博士課程学生18人に)
2015/11/10The NikkeiThe age when I was a rooky. Kyoto University Professor Susumu Noda.(私の新人時代 京都大学教授 野田進氏)
2014/11Nature PhotonicsThe significance of research
2014/11/5The NikkeiKyoto University, Osaka University, and others halve the production costs of solar cells.(太陽電池製造コストを半減 京大や阪大)
2014/11/7The Science NewsThe Japanese Medals of Honor with purple ribbon are awarded to five individuals in fields of technology.(秋の褒章 学術分野5氏に紫綬受章)
2014/11/3The Nikkan Kogyo ShimbunJapanese Medals of Honor. Voices of Jubilation.(秋の褒章 喜びの声)
2014/11/2The Asahi ShimbunJapanese Medal of Honor with purple ribbon awarded to Professor Susumu Noda for light-manipulating “photonic crystals”.(光操る「フォトニック結晶」 紫綬褒章 野田進さん)
2014/11/2The Kyoto ShimbunCelebrating the awarding of the Japanese Medal or Honor with purple ribbon(受章の喜び 思い新た 紫綬褒章)
2014/11/2The MainichiJapanese Medal of Honor. 734 individuals and 21 organizations.(秋の褒章 734人21団体)
2014/9/27The Kyoto ShimbunProfessor Susumu Noda of the Department of Engineering in Kyoto University. The number-one researcher on photonic crystals.(探究人 京大工学研究科野田進教授 フォトニック結晶の第一人者)
2014/9/24Nikkei Business DailyAutopsy of Kyoto University. Star researchers in multiple fields.(大学解剖 京大 スター研究者 多分野に)
2014/9/22Nature MaterialsThermal emission: Ultrafast dynamic control
2014/8/23The Kyoto ShimbunLight source for infrared sensors developed. Will reduce electricity consumption to 1% of current levels.(消費電力が従来の100分の1 赤外線センサー光源を開発)
2014/7/29The NikkeiInfrared sensors made small and affordable.(赤外線センサー 小型で安く作製)
2014/7/28The Nikkan Kogyo ShimbunHigh-speed control of thermal radiation. Applications in infrared light emission.(物体の光放射 高速制御 赤外線光源などに応用)
2014/7nanotechweb.orgThermal emitters speed up
2014/5/1The Asahi ShimbunA high-power laser the size of a fingertip. Kyoto University and others develop a 1.5-watt, 1-square-millimeter-sized laser.(指先に乗る強力レーザー 京大など開発 本体1ミリ角 出力1.5ワット)
2014/4/25The Science NewsWorld-first demonstration of room-temperature continuous-wave operation of a watt-class photonic crystal laser.(ワット級フォトニック結晶レーザー 世界初 室温連続動作に成功)
2014/4/22The NikkeiMiniaturized lasers for material processing.(加工用レーザー、小さく)
2014/4/15The Kyoto ShimbunKyoto University and others develop a high-power semiconductor laser capable of surface-processing metals.(高出力半導体レーザー開発 京大など 金属の表面加工OK)
2014/4/15The Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun1.5-watt semiconductor laser realized.(半導体レーザー 光出力1.5ワット実現)
2014/4/15The Asahi ShimbunNew compact, lens-free, high-power laser.(新レーザーはレンズなし 超小型で高出力)
2014/4/15Chunichi WebNext-generation laser technology. High power and high quality.(レーザー次世代技術 高出力で高品質)
2014/4/15The Shizuoka ShimbunSemiconductor laser power successfully increased to 1.5 watts.(半導体レーザー 1.5ワット高出力化成功)
2014/4/14NHK NewsDevelopment of powerful, compat lasers.(小型で強力なレーザーを開発)
2014/4nanotechweb.orgPhotonic crystal makes watt-class laser
2014/4SPIE optics.orgHamamatsu develops first watt-level photonic crystal laser
2014/4pro-physik.deOberflächenemitter erreicht Watt-Leistungen
2014/4JST newsNew challenges with innovative semiconductor laser.(革新的半導体レーザーの新たなる挑戦)
2013/9/26The Kyoto ShimbunNext-generation semiconductor laser using a “photonic crystal” with nanoscale holes.(極小穴開けた「フォトニック結晶」利用 次世代の半導体レーザー)
2013/9/27The Nikkan Kogyo ShimbunHamamatsu Photonics and Kyoto University implement a photonic crystal laser.(フォトニック結晶レーザー 浜ホト・京大が実用化)
2013/9/27Nikkei Business DailyHamamatsu Photonics and Kyoto University will ship devices for compact laser processing systems next spring.(レーザー加工機小さく 浜ホトと京大 素子を来春出荷)
2013/9/27The NikkeiEquipment for miniaturizing laser microprocessing systems.(レーザー加工機小型化する装置)
2013/9/26NHK NewsIntroduction to the implementation of photonic crystal lasers.(フォトニック結晶レーザーの実用化に関する話題を紹介)
2013/7/1The Asahi ShimbunUltrasmall silicon laser. Promising applications in optical computing.(超小型シリコンレーザー 光コンピューターへの応用期待)
2013/6/27The Nikkan Kogyo ShimbunSilicon laser miniaturized by a factor of 10000. Applications in optical wiring for high energy efficiency.(シリコンレーザー1万分の1に小型化 光配線に応用、省エネ型)
2013/6/27The Kyoto ShimbunDevelopment of ultrasmall lasers. Light (source?) made of silicon, the material of integrated circuits.(超小型レーザー開発 集積回路材料のシリコンで光)
2013/1/21The Kyoto ShimbunMicroscopic three-dimensional circuit architecture.(微小空間に立体的光回路構築)
2012/10/1The Yomiuri ShimbunDevelopment of wavelength-adjusting devices for doubling the efficiency of solar cells.(太陽光発電 効率倍に 波長整える装置開発)
2012/9/9The NikkeiHarness the full solar spectrum! Solar cell efficiency doubles. Improvements even in artificial photosynthesis.(太陽光を使い尽くせ 発電効率2倍 人工光合成も)
2012/7/11The Nikkan Kogyo ShimbunNarrowband emission of heated material.(加熱物質の電子発光現象 光波長を狭帯域化)
2012/7/10Chunichi WebKyoto University group develops a new material for improving the efficiency of photovoltaics. Converts unused energy into a useable form.(太陽光発電効率アップ 京大グループ新素材開発 未使用エネルギー利用可能に転換)
2012/7/10The NikkeiKyoto University suggest improvement of solar cell conversion efficiency to over.(40%太陽電池変換効率 京大、40%超に改善)
2012/7/9The Sankei NewsPhotovoltaic efficiency improves by up to a factor of 4 when converting the wavelength of light using a special slab of material.(光の波長 特殊板で変換 太陽光発電効率最大4倍アップ)
2012/7/9The Asahi ShimbunKyoto University develops a special filter to double photovoltaic power.(太陽光発電パワー2倍に 京大、特殊フィルター開発)
2012/7/9The Kyoto ShimbunKyoto University doubles solar cell efficiency by heating material to emit light at a specific wavelength.(太陽電池 発電効率2倍 加熱すると特定波長の光放射 京大グループ)
2012/4Chemistory TodayPlaying catch with light using photonic crystals.(ホトニック結晶で光のキャッチボール)
2012/2/19The MainichiThe free exchange of light. Technological developments by Professor Noda and others of Kyoto University.(光を自由にやりとり 京大院 野田教授ら技術開発)
2012/1Nature PhotonicsRemote on-chip coupling
2012/1/13The Science NewsA step toward the realization of advanced, next-generation chips.(次世代高機能チップ実現へ一歩)
2011/12/19Nikkei Business DailyKyoto University makes progress toward linking two optical memory units.(光メモリー2個連動 京大 実用化に向け前進)
2011/12/12The Kyoto ShimbunPlaying catch with light inside a “photonic crystal”.(光閉じ込める「フォトニック結晶」内 光のキャッチボール成功)
2011/11/14Applied Physics LettersSiC photonic crystals.(SiCフォトニック結晶)